Angry Birds Universe: Golden Egg Pass

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton Members Only

Excited to see Angry Birds Universe: The Art & Science Behind a Global Phenomenon? Now you can see it over and over and over again by adding $15 to your Angry Birds Universe Exhibition ticket. 

TWOSE Members can purchase a Golden Egg Pass either over the phone (780.451.3344) or in person at the Box Office.

The Golden Egg Pass allows you to enter the Angry Birds Universe Exhibition as many times as you like during its time here TWOSE. 

Things to Know! 

  • Available to TWOSE MEMBERS ONLY! (Definitely a member perk)! Each person on the membership account would need their own pass to enter the Angry Birds Universe Exhibition. 
  • It is non-transferable. The member's name will be on the pass and you MUST have your membership card with you to redeem. 
  • The pass expires with your membership.  That means if your membership expires part way through the run of Angry Birds Universe, the pass is no longer valid unless you renew.
  • When you purchase a Golden Egg Pass, you will get a printed pass that you must bring along with your TWOSE membership ID card every time you visit.
  • If you purchase a Angry Birds Universe  exhibition day ticket and would like to add on the pass, it would have to be same day transaction. If you come back another day to do so, you would have to pay for another day ticket plus $15 for the pass. 

Not a member? Purchase a TWOSE membership today and you are eligible to purchase a Golden Egg Pass too! 

Purchase a Membership Today! 

*Coupons or discounts CAN NOT be used on the purchase of a Golden Egg Pass.